Theroma Classic Heat Pack

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Theroma hot compress combines thermotherapy and aromatherapy in treating pain and relieving stress. 

Microwave for just 1 minute for long-lasting moist heat with oil-rich flaxseeds. It can be reheated several times without burning unlike other grains. Does not cause skin irritation like general hot compress sheets and is 100% natural. Its heat resistant outer fleece cover is soft and gentle on skin and machine washable. It comes packaged in a dust-proof plastic zipper pouch to preserve the fragrance for a long time.

  • Reduces muscles pain especially back, shoulder and knee pain.
  • Reduces fatigue, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates sports injuries.
  • Can be used on breasts to stimulate milk production of lactating women.
  • Provides moist heat, does not sting or dry out skin.
  • Packed with oil-rich flaxseed to provide long-lasting heat. Can be reheated without creating a burning smell like rice or other grains.
  • Easy to use, just microwave for 1 minute.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Usable as a cold compress by placing it in the freezer 2 hours before use.


        • Remove the outer cover and wash it in the washing machine.
        • Do not use in dryer. 
        • Can be wiped with a damp cloth if a little dirty.
        • **Do not wash the inner compress bag inside because it will cause fungi growth**
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