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For mothers who want a firmer figure, speed up metabolism and lose excess weight from childbirth.


Belly Fitt Bamboo Charcoal is made from premium grade bamboo fiber that has been seared at 1000 degrees Celsius and ground into a fine powder before it's spun into fibers




▪️ Bamboo fibers emits far infrared light to speed up the body's metabolism, help blood vessels to expand and improves blood flow. So mother can lose excess weight from childbirth faster.

▪️ Bamboo fiber can absorb body odor, musty smells and prevent mold and bacteria growth.

▪️ Helps support the lower back and relieve back pain and adjusts posture while breastfeeding.

▪️ The four-sided straps wrap around the body to help you confidently keep your shape.

▪️ Helps to reduce the sudden jerking of the stomach while moving, increase comfort and relieve pain from caesarean section.

▪️ Well-ventilated, lightweight, highly flexible. Conforms to body shape and can be worn under clothes.

▪️ Tightly woven fabric, soft to the touch, not itchy, easy to wash and dry.

▪️ There is a back pocket for putting a hot compress.




Measure around the waist through the widest part of the torso (navel area).


▪️ Purchasing while 8 months pregnant: Measure actual waist circumference.

▪️ Purchasing before delivery: Measure your actual waistline, minus 3-5″.

▪️ Purchasing after giving birth: Measure the actual waist circumference.


(Usually, the waist circumference at 8 months pregnancy is the same size as the waist circumference after childbirth.)


When putting it on, the left and right Belly Fitt straps should be slightly overlapped. If the Belly Fitt strap is a little short (1-2 inches), try wearing it while flat on the floor. In this case, you don't need to buy a larger size. If you still feel tight at the start, try wearing the Belly Fitt for a short period of 1-2 hours a day until your shape decreases and you can wear your Belly Fitt comfortably throughout the day.


SIZE  Waist circumference (CM) Waist circumference (IN)
S/M  56-89CM 22-35IN
L/XL  86-122CM 34-48IN




▪️ Hand wash by gently swirling in water.

▪️ Do not wash in the washing machine.

▪️ Do not rub, do not use a brush, do not twist dry.

▪️ Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.

▪️ Dry in a shaded, well ventilated area not exposed to sunlight.

Type Maternity Wear
Barcode 8859027400247
Weight 400 g

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