MILTON Mini Sterilising Tablets (50s)

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▪️ Designed to be used with the Mini Portable Soother Steriliser.

▪️ Sterilises in only 15 minutes.

▪️ Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses).

▪️ Ideal for travel.

▪️ No need to rinse.

▪️ Does not leave any taste.

▪️ Same active ingredient as the one used to make water drinkable.

▪️ Solution works for 24 hours: you can sterilise baby’s feeding equipment again and again for 24 hours.

▪️ Items can stay sterile in the solution until you need them again.


Directions for use:


1. Clean - At home wash the soother in warm soapy water and rinse in cold water

2. Prepare the solution - If the sponges have dried hard then soften them by adding water before attempting to remove them. Fill the Milton Mini with cold water to the fill line. Add 1 Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet and ensure that it dissolves fully. Place the solid sponge first slowly in the solution at the bottom of the Mini. Secondly, position the sponge with hole above the solid one. The 2 sponges should absorb the solution, but tip away any excess fluid that has not been absorbed. Ensure that the top of the sponge with the hole is contained underneath the shoulder of the Milton Mini base.

3. Insert soother - Insert the soother into the hole in the top sponge, press the soother down and twist to clean the teat.

4. Screw the top on.

5. Wait 15 Mins.

6. Ready to use - No need to rinse the soother before use.

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