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Milton Antibacterial Surface spray cleans and disinfects surfaces. The formula contains lactic acid a 100% plant-based active ingredient.


Key features

▪️ Ideal for disinfecting all surfaces in the home: highchair, worktops, bathroom, potty and baby’s bath, toys, changing mat, etc

▪️ Suitable for all surfaces (metal, plastic, laminated, enamelled, etc.) even the ones in contact with food* (kitchen, fridge, worktop, chopping boards, etc.), except marble and limestone.

▪️ 3 in 1: cleans, disinfects and freshens.

▪️ Kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria and fungi.

▪️ Leaves a lovely, clean and fresh mint fragrance.

▪️ Bleach-free and alcohol-free.



▪️ Spray evenly over the surface to clean or spray on a clean and dry non-woven cloth, apply to the surface to clean.

▪️ Leave for 5 minutes.

▪️ Scrub or brush if necessary.

▪️ Rinse with drinking water surfaces in direct contact with food.

▪️ Apply once and repeat the application if necessary.

Type Surface Cleaner
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Weight 500 g

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